other projects

A photographic

2020 calendar

full of

feminine creative


_ with women's 

   energy photos from  

   the Land of Crete 

_ with Moon phases /       solstices / equinoxes

   / eclipses

_ in Greek and in

   English language

_ in Athens and UTC

   time zone

_ with proposals, 

   how to make life

   more interesting 

   every month



   notepad area

_ rhythmic cycles     

   (This year, the calendar 

   includes at the beginning

   of each month different

   rhythmic cycles

   (rhythmic patterns), 
   corresponding to and       

   associated with each 

   month providing us with 

   the opportunity to 

   experience the cycle

   in another 
   way-through the

   rhythmic pulses). 

116 weekly pages




  hardcover 300gr

. inside pages 100gr

black metal 

  spiral binding


* Diary was printed on FSC paper

Your personal



Tonia Photography’s annual photo calendar

comes with the title “Kiklos” (in Greek means Circle).


two zeros,

two circles.

With the bendir-drum (percussion instrument)

as a symbol, an ideal companion, throughout the photographic project, which speaks to the soul with its deep sound, but also with its shape that expresses the perfect circle, we set sail on Cretan land and we looked for the seasons, the circle of nature.

With this circle as a symbol - 5 women percussionists and non-percussionists, not posing, but expressing themselves authentically, feeling with all their senses the circle of the seasons.

A three month photographic journey in nature full of experiences and emotions, sharing and



Your personal time space is coming for 2020,

as a remembrance of the power that lies

within you!



_ Fine art photos
_ Moon phases / solstices / equinoxes / eclipses

_ {Periodic} menstruation notes

_ Proposals 
_ Musical patterns

Important note:

All the profits that come from diaries go to women who really need help, who I come into contact with them, and meet those needs by buying what they need. (when the time comes, you can learn more through my facebook page


I thank from the bottom of my heart, all those who have supported and believed in this “project on progress” for the past 3 years.​

The 5 tools

of the calendar:​

 c Copyright: Tonia Avgoustaki 2019


I hope you meet yourself somewhere in all this!


With gratitude and infinite love.​

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calendar 2020



A photographic art book dedicated to Women's Power from the Land of Crete.