other projects

A photographic

2024 calendar

of Joy 

as an expression of bliss

_ b/w art photos of       

   Natural Beauty

_ with Moon phases /       solstices / equinoxes

   / eclipses

_ in Greek and in

   English language

_ in Athens and UTC

   time zone

_ with proposals, 

   how to make life

   more interesting 

   every month



   notepad area


130 weekly pages




  hardcover 300gr

. inside pages 100gr

black metal 

  spiral binding


* Diary was printed on FSC paper

Your personal



Tonia Photography’s annual photo calendar - journal came to the Light.

The theme of this year’s calendar is:

Bliss | Joy.

This journal focuses on Joy as an expression of Bliss. One's complete satisfaction with life that fills all consciousness.


Inspires and sets questions around how our inner state of being is fully satisfied with life, and aligned with our soul, and personal values, even in difficult times. 

It also works as a reminder that Joy is available when we are available! We just have to invite her! Joy is always a choice!



You will find included:


-14 fine art Photos of Bliss of Nature

-Εveryday faces of the moon 

-12 Quotes about Joy

-26 prompts about Joy

-Art therapy exercises about Joy

-Menstruation note area 

-A Prayer, sweet reminder for Bliss




Your personal spacetime is coming for 2024,

as a reminder that Joy is a choice



_ Fine art photos


_ Moon phases / solstices / equinoxes / eclipses

_ {Periodic} menstruation notes

_ Prompts


_ Poems | Texts


Important note:

All profits that come from diaries go to women who really need help, who I come into contact with them, and meet those needs by buying what is needed.


I thank from the bottom of my heart, all those who have supported and believed in this “project on progress” for the past 6 years.​

The 5 tools

of the calendar:​

I hope you meet yourself somewhere in all this!



With gratitude and infinite love.​

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Tonia Avgoustaki

visual artist-psychodramatist


In the realm of visual art and personal development, Tonia Avgoustaki emerges as a trailblazer, combining her talents as a photographer and psychodramatist to create a unique and transformative experience facilitating self-observation and expression, offering a new perspective on the journey of self-discovery and personal growth.


She strongly believes in the healing power of Art and synergy.


She studied visual communication and fine arts - visual arts - and has been actively working in the field of visual art -Visual Artist- and photography for 25 years. She is the co-founder of the award-winning creative agency Spir.to. (www.spir.to) as well as the visual group “Second Floor now”. She has participated in group and individual exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

 She has combined her studies in Psychodrama and Art therapy with her studies in photography and coordinates both individual and group Therapeutic Photography groups as well as Psychodrama groups.


 She is also the publisher of the “Tonia Photography | Personal Growth Photo Journals” since 2018.


calendar 2024



Bliss | Joy 


Joy as an expression of Bliss