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A photographic project in progress seeking the source of the life-giving force that nourishes humanity.

Women are connected with the source of their power and they pull it from the earth's heart in the form of symbols.

A reminder that we all have a forgotten power that we always carry and we just have to invoke it and find the way that leads to it. 

Women pose shimmering, reborn and express this power in front of the lens.

Gazes full of power, not only, symbolism, archetypes sprout and inspire anyone who looks at them deeply within the heart.

You will have the chance to see the whole project and more:


27-29 July 2018 

SPAIN Valencia  Kundalini Yoga and Art Festival


2 September 2018

GREECE Heraklion Crete 



Exhibition programme

face painting by

Christiana Divini

women's power

"Women's Power through Symbols"

a photographic project in progress