Hello there,

my contact with photography started at the age of 7 when I was presented with a kodak 400 camera as a present. Since then I carry always a Camera in my hands. It was then that I began to observe the world around me in detail with new pair of eyes. I take photos about everything that moves my heart and has a story to tell. Looking through the lens conjure and feel the world in another level. Searching always the harmonic synthesis, I become everything that my lens captures. Having a dialogue with light and observing the slightest detail of life I discover, learn and explore.

Photography for me is a path to self-awareness. Associated with life that tries to find balance and beauty photography becomes a charming vehicle to express the inner self.

I studied visual communication and I am working in the field of branding and visual art for 25 years. After working in large advertising companies, I became co-founder and art director of the awarded (in Greece and abroad) creative brand agency  SPIR.TO
I have participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad with artworks, photographs and installations.

In recent years I have been studying the field of Psychodrama, which I combined with my great love for Photography, publishing for the last 5 years the Artistic Photo Calendars "Tonia's Photography Calendars" and coordinating Therapeutic Photography Circles΄.
Restless spirit, i always create  from the heart. 
My  inspiration and creation plays an important role in my life.
I believe that everything is connected and that inspiration comes from the eyes of everyone in relation to life itself.

My motto: Embrace creation. Creation is life. In any form. 

when heart, eye and hand

are in alignment, then magic happens